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A Wonderfully Desolate Beach in November

Imagine.  Fall… the weather has turned colder and even windy some days.  The make-up and foolery of Halloween is over and the thoughts of Thanksgiving are now at hand.  This is a warm and cozy time of year or at least that’s the idea.  Fireplaces are lit now and harvest foods fill the table, pantry, and kitchens.  In our work a day world what should be peaceful and loving preparation for the holid...
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STOP Smoking Vancouver WA!

Now is the time to STOP smoking Vancouver WA!   Not tomorrow... breathe easier, save money, smell better starting now.  There is nothing better than the power of your own mind... not to be confused with "willpower".  Most can't make the change using willpower alone... your real power and ability to STOP smoking Vancouver WA, and to choose to be smoke free is in your subconscious mind and it's easi...
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Beginning Fresh

There are always the hopes of a fresh beginning at the start of the New Year.  It is interesting why we feel that way because is starts with the number one.  Why not start on a birthday?  That's really a new start.  It's programmed in all of us to think this way and the desires for resolutions ensue usually only to disappoint by failing for most.  Let's change the program!  Start on any given day ...
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Is It Magic?

  Excess weight is a curse of modern times. The human body is both brilliant and adaptive. However, nothing in our evolution prepared it to deal with the quantity of food that is available to us in this day and age. The body is better prepared to deal with a lack of food. Studies have shown that various animals and humans live longer, healthier lives when they are fed lightly. In the face of ...
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