Hypnosis in-person vs. Zoom sessions

What is best… Hypnosis in-person (one on one in a relaxed environment) vs Zoom sessions? What is my personal preference?

Sometimes old school is the best school. Having extensive experience doing pre-covid sessions in our office, then during covid where zoom sessions were necessary, I’ve had a chance to observe the subtle and sometimes not so subtle differences between the two. For example, the energy exchange that comes with in-person settings. The warmth and the sense of connection that you get when you meet someone that you like and trust is not often seen or felt on a video monitor.

As for me, the ability is lost to better observe the small nuances that often occur in a hypnosis session such as slight body movements or subtle changes in breathing and/or facial expression. These are things that allow me to better guide the client (you). Therapeutic hypnosis requires a state of focused concentration and controlling your environment with its interruptions is near impossible. It may have been suggested if you have checked around, that your personal location is the most relaxing. Is it? We have made sure to create a relaxed environment to support a successful session.

Many of our clients cannot wait to get back to the warm hug “feeling” of the office and many express the desire to ‘take the office home with them’.

Sometimes, to get the full impact of a good movie, a theater experience is much better than watching at home. No matter what you ultimately choose, rest assured that our desire is to give our clients (you) our best in working with you to reach your goal.

Post covid we continue to offer Zoom sessions to those that request it with one caveat… as our intention is to give you the best experience possible and other than those that are housebound or outside of the 35 mile radius of our location, we ask that you commit to the first session in the comfort of our office and after that then make the choice how to enjoy your sessions.

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