Hypnosis for Dementia


Hypnosis therapy can significantly increase the quality of life for those with dementia by slowing the decline of their cognitive, physical and social abilities. As a person with dementia begins to notice short term memory loss followed by disorientation, their confidence takes a huge hit, anxiety levels begin to escalate, and fear creeps in. Increase your quality of life living with dementia. The focus at Direct Path Hypnosis is to help the client “live with dementia” in as positive a way as possible.

Hypnosis for Dementia-Related Anxiety

Through hypnosis using positive suggestion, fears are lessened and worry lessens and in doing so, the anxiety and depression related to dementia is largely relieved. Dementia is a process that “takes things away” and through hypnosis there is a “giving back” of that has been taken away. Anxiety is a risk factor for dementia.

Hypnosis for Caregiver Stress

Caring for someone with dementia is demanding and often frustrating. It’s difficult to accept that a loved one, who was once full of love, energy, and inspiration is forgetful and becoming totally dependent.  For many caregivers, it is perfectly normal to experience feelings of loss and fear. Maybe a feeling of being trapped. Reacting to stress with emotions and feelings instead of logic and reason are predictable reactions to this devastating disease. It’s not easy.

Hypnotherapy for the caregiver is a way to process emotions, focus, feel balanced and refreshed, and be ready to meet the needs of the one with dementia. Some refer to it as a “reset,” allowing them to go back to their caregiver tasks with a renewed sense of purpose and burst of energy.

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