Compassion Overload

As if COVID-19 wasn’t enough.

The State of our State

The entire west side of the US is on fire in apocalyptic fashion, the south end of the country has been hit again and again with beating hurricanes and the season isn’t over yet. So much devastation and loss and hearts everywhere are grieving. Direct Path Hypnosis is a supporter of Pure Mutts Animal Rescue in Washington, and so it stands to reason that we are involved with the stories and rescues of many animals as a result of the fires in the NW (Pure Mutts helps with stranded animals from TX hurricanes as well).

The State of Our Selves

All of this creates compassion overload even if not realized. And that’s the point…we are carrying emotions and stress that we don’t realize, and that affects our physical selves. This is a real thing, something you may not have had put into words before. Compassion overload, while energetic and emotion-based, puts a strain on our body and manifests itself in the physical form over time. Now is not the time to let our immune system be taxed while dealing with all of the above.

How Do You Know If You Have Compassion Overload?

  • Have you been extra tired and/or fatigued lately?
  • Have you felt hopeless?
  • Having trouble concentrating?
  • Have you been overeating?
  • Have you been drinking more lately?
  • Have you been isolating more?
  • Loss of joy or pleasure?
  • Trouble sleeping?
  • Complaining more?
  • Increase in nightmares?

If you’ve said YES to more than 2 of those, you could be experiencing compassion overload.

How Do We Make it Better?

Here are some simple ways you can overcome this overload:

  • Practice “Abdominal Breathing” or what the Navy SEALs refer to as “tactical breathing.” Five deep “belly breaths” will have a pronounced effect in reducing anxiety or early symptoms of panic.
  • Even for those of us that have had air too dangerous to breathe at times, we still have to remember to get in the clearest room and take those deep breaths. This is communication (as well as oxygen to the whole body) to the brain to go into calm mode.
  • Each one of us can make a difference to our own wellness status by drinking that extra glass of water. This helps to cleanse away the “emotional sludge” we carry at this time.
  • Get out into nature. Even better, move your body in nature. What about a meditative nature walk? No music, no phone, no talking, no noise, just listening for sounds of nature.
  • Gentle movement exercises like Tai Chi or Yoga along with any forms of healing that focus on the mind such as visualization or mindfulness meditation can be a big help.
  • Exercising is great for feeling better energetically and physically overall.
  • Talking to a friend or family member about a happy or funny memory, or even better, if you can see their face (via FaceTime or video call).
  • Sometimes we may need the nudging of a coach, somone that’s not emotionally near and dear to you, and therefore not afraid to tell you what you might need to hear.
We at Direct Path Hypnosis can help. Right now, we’re offering coaching calls and few things are more beneficial for de-stressing than a visualization/hypnotherapy session (in-person COVID-19 compliant and via Zoom). Just a reminder… all the worry about all the hard conditions right now will not change any of it. We can change how we handle it, however. We can choose our response.
Moving forward in ‘calm’ will allow us to be more clear on how to function and help where and when we can.

Call (360) 773-1873 or email today!

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