Hypnosis for Pain Management

The Reign of Pain Abides Mainly in the Brain.

The acute pain of an injury is an unpleasant, but important, biological signal indicating tissue damage. However, we now understand that where there is no underlying physical disease, such as cancer or an auto-immune disorder, chronic pain is actually created by the central nervous system rather than the bodily location where the pain is felt to be.

The triggers for the brain to create or cause pain to persist are many and varied, but the adopted “stress” response underlying this is unconscious and automatic and acts as a protective or maladapted “fight or flight” response.

Direct Path Hypnosis’ approach is based on this cutting-edge concept and uses a self-empowering educational approach, as well as numerous self-empowering strategies to address the central nervous system directly via your “software” (your mind). As the pain process itself is reversible, full recovery IS possible no matter how severe or long standing. This allows you to take responsibility for your health, often with life-changing results. You don’t have to “just live with it.” Understanding this process has helped thousands of people heal their pain. It worked for them and it will work for you.

Our aim is to help people who suffer from persistent pain and for whom conventional medicine has failed to find an answer.

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