Direct-Path-Hypnosis-Vancouver-PersonologyThe Forces That Control Behaviour

The nature of human behaviour and what motivates this. Personality psychology or personology – allows us to re-examine our thinking. It can be regarded as a kind of extension of our everyday knowledge about human nature. What is the difference between everyday knowledge of human nature and personology?

Our abilities to judge people depend on mainly five sources of information:

Cultural tradition
Direct communication from others
Observation of others behaviour

In each social group there are opinions and stereotypes of people. Astrology, the stars, is to a large extent an assembly of cultural stereotypes about people.

Personology Definition

Personology is the branch of psychology which focuses on the study of the individual’s characteristics and of differences between people. It covers the same ground as everyday knowledge of human nature, namely those abilities which enable us to say we know someone well.

Personology may be described as the scientific counterpart of our informal knowledge of human nature.

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