Direct-Path-Hypnosis-Vancouver-WA-TransformationHypnotherapy. What is it?

Hypnotherapy is the applied use of hypnosis. Therapy can be defined as anything that is done to move someone toward comfort, health, and wholeness. Thus, hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis to help you move toward a healthy goal. Anxiety in itself is a block to allowing a flow of healthy energy to move throughout the mind and body. Hypnotherapy is the tool whereby anxiety is eliminated.

Hypnotherapy involves an induced state of altered consciousness.  It’s a familiar state that we’ve all often experienced, sometimes several times a day.  Think about the time you’ve gotten behind the wheel of your car set out for the freeway and the next thing you know you’re pulling up at your destination, unaware how much time has passed.  Have you ever sat down to read a book or article and become so engrossed that you lost track of time, tuned out a noisy room, or completely forgot where you where?  These are examples of hypnotic trance.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. ~ Albert Einstein

It’s a very common sensation, and as we work together you will come to know it well.  You may find that every time you experience a hypnotherapy session it takes less and less effort to return to a hypnotic state.  In fact it may become as simple as taking a few deep relaxing breaths.

If you’ve ever done a guided meditation, a visualization or relaxation exercise you’ve already experienced a form of induced hypnotic trance.  The experience you’re about to have will be much the same.  Every time you turn your attention away from the stimulus of the outside world and examine what is going on inside your body, your inner sensations, your thoughts or your feelings, you are creating a trance state.  It is a very simple process.  No matter what words the hypnotherapist may say, you are the one who is actually controlling the process.  You are the one who takes yourself into this state and brings yourself out.  That is why we say that all hypnosis is self hypnosis.

Can Everyone Be Hypnotized?

Almost everyone can be hypnotized. The very few exceptions are people under the influence of drugs or alcohol and the severely mentally challenged. Such people may not be able to concentrate and follow directions. If you have ever driven on the highway and passed your exit without realizing it, you are an excellent candidate for hypnosis.

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