About Direct Path

Getting you from point A to B effortlessly.

That is, if you are ready and willing to do your part. Hypnosis is NOT a magic pill. If that’s what you are looking for, it’s not here. The success of our services at Direct Path are directly linked to you. Hypnosis allows us to talk to the part of your brain that’s in charge and bypass the part of your brain that gets in the way. But you still have to do the work and listen to that part of your brain in the course of your day.  And take action.

Are you ready to make a change? Are you ready to do whatever you need to do to get there? Are you ready to drop all the excuses? Then we’re ready to work together. And not a second sooner. We only work with clients that say yes to those questions, those are the ones that are successful.

The quality of your Direct Path program and ultimately, your success, is determinate upon your belief, your willingness to make a change and your engagement in the process. You own at least 50% of our work together. We set your mind, but you have to take the mind we “set” and carry it out in practice in the real world.

Your Hypnotherapist Ron Niederkofler


A member with the National Guild of Hypnotists and its strict standards, Ron also holds advanced certifications through NGH Masters and International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy. He continues ongoing study with Pioneers and Masters in the field of Hypnotherapy and plant-based nutrition. Ron is dedicated to helping each client release negative patterns and limiting beliefs.

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Your Coach Tamara Russell

Tamara brings with her a robust background in countless industries, but the running theme is matchmaking. She gets you (even better than you know yourself) and can build a program and/or plan that meets you where you are to perfectly fit into your life.

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