A Wonderfully Desolate Beach in November

Imagine.  Fall… the weather has turned colder and even windy some days.  The make-up and foolery of Halloween is over and the thoughts of Thanksgiving are now at hand.  This is a warm and cozy time of year or at least that’s the idea.  Fireplaces are lit now and harvest foods fill the table, pantry, and kitchens.  In our work a day world what should be peaceful and loving preparation for the holiday often turns into massive stress because of our schedules.  Stop for a moment and think of our NW coast and a beach.  This particular beach, on this particular day lies deserted and you see yourself walking in the sand along the water’s edge with the waves running up to grab your feet.  The activity consists of a dozen or so seagulls flying and squealing overhead as each wave returns to its source.  Standing now on the beach, your eyes close, your breath deepens …no shallow breaths here… and for a moment you contemplate what “source” means to you and your connection to it.  The scene becomes so real… so real that you can actually taste the salt from the air as your awareness shifts and you find yourself back, sitting in front of your computer and the only noises now being the crackling of the fireplace and the purring of your cat stretched out beneath you.  Hopefully you are asking yourself how you can take this peace and calm and apply it in your day to day living…  Stop with putting the small stuff above the important.  Start by cultivating the “wisdom to know the difference”.  Discarding old outgrown belief systems and worn out habits in order to change your life is a good place to begin.  If little things get in the way that you seemingly can’t change, consider hypnosis… reprogramming your “control panel” through hypnosis allows this peacefulness to flow unimpeded.  It happens quite naturally.  You’re still required to “show up” for life but your handling of stress changes. You’re in control.  That feeling on the beach is present amongst all the activity and you can learn to access it. It’s as easy as closing your eyes.  Enjoy the colors of the fall and don’t forget to pause and return to your “peaceful place” as you navigate this holiday season.  Our wish for you… a stress-less and Happy Thanksgiving.


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