Beginning Fresh

There are always the hopes of a fresh beginning at the start of the New Year.  It is interesting why we feel that way because is starts with the number one.  Why not start on a birthday?  That’s really a new start.  It’s programmed in all of us to think this way and the desires for resolutions ensue usually only to disappoint by failing for most.  Let’s change the program!  Start on any given day to manage pain, lose fat, get motivated, stop smoking… by addressing the old program in the mind.  Desires are just that… desires, and usually they fall short of our discipline to come to fruition.  By giving yourself the gift of reprogramming your subconscious mind so that your conscious mind does what you do desire, a fresh beginning unfolds.  Don’t wait another day!  There is nothing more powerful than YOUR own mind when it is on the Direct Path!

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