Laughter Yoga

World Laughter Day 2012

This Sunday, May 6th, is World Laughter Day 2012.  Vancouver Laughter Yoga launched one year ago in the Barberton Grange.  We have met and laughed with many folks in the community and would like to thank you all for sharing in the goal... "World peace through laughter" (and feeling good while doing so!).  Please view our event schedule and location on our Facebook page.
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Change Your Mind

Laughter Yoga has enormous health benefits.  The healing of the mind is primary.  As most problems stem from the mind, one needs to change the mind state and attitude and Laughter Yoga is an ideal way to do this. One’s mood state can change almost instantaneously from negative to positively generating feelings of happiness, joy and calmness.  Laughter Yoga steers us away from pessimistic thoughts ...
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Laugh So You Don’t Cry

Great article from the Scientific American on how "laughing kills the pain".  Join Vancouver Laughter Yoga for the best medicine! for schedule updates... ho ho, ha ha ha!
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