Change Your Mind

Laughter Yoga has enormous health benefits.  The healing of the mind is primary.  As most problems stem from the mind, one needs to change the mind state and attitude and Laughter Yoga is an ideal way to do this. One’s mood state can change almost instantaneously from negative to positively generating feelings of happiness, joy and calmness.  Laughter Yoga steers us away from pessimistic thoughts and takes us towards happiness.

These days we know there is a link between the mind and body, i.e. theory of motion creates emotions – this is one of the fundamentals of Laughter Yoga.

As adults, to regain the happiness we had as a young child, the answer is to be like children. Laughter Yoga helps with becoming childlike in which people once again learn to play, dance, sing and laugh WITHOUT using the mind.  Take laughter seriously for the benefit of your mind…

Laughter is at times heard in hospitals, churches, and even funeral homes. These are not funny places.  Is it possible that some people actually laugh in serious situations or even at times when they’re down in the dumps? Amazingly, many of us do. We laugh when we really need it most IF we let the body do what comes naturally. A society stressed and depressed needs a natural, effective solution to combat woes and laughter is that solution.  Laughter Yoga is the perfect way to practice laughing on purpose so that the times we need to laugh to heal, we will know how.

Laughter is the “best medicine” and combined with other therapeutic tools the most fun medicine we can “take”… it has a great aftertaste when swallowed.  You are hereby invited to attend Laughter Club.  Please follow for ongoing reminders for Laughter Club scheduling, currently being held at Chuck’s Produce, Vancouver WA.

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