Changed my life!

Went to Ron for Hypno-Band Hypnosis. That's the process of going through like a Gastric-Bypass, except just in your mind. It's the less invasive method to surgery. Since I've been obese my whole life, I was thinking of surgery for myself, but didn't like all the awful side-effects I was seeing my friends endure (IBS, malnutrition, intestinal issues, etc.). Since having hypno-band, I've become a Ve...
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Never could have done it without Ron!

Ron has been an absolute joy to work with. When I came in with my problems, he was open minded and extremely positive, helping me on the road to my recovery. With his help and 3 hypno sessions later, I have managed to overcome my bad habits and have begun a happier, more open and increasingly fantastic lifestyle!
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I’ve so enjoyed working with you!

Ron, I have so enjoyed working with you with hypnosis. Your work is very powerful and feels lasting.  I appreciate the work you put into planning our sessions so they are personalized to my needs!  Thanks so much!
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Amazing and gifted hypnotherapist

Ron is an amazing and gifted hypnotherapist. He is knowledgeable, empathic, and intuitive and connects emotionally right away. I felt very supported and understood by Ron and I am happy to say that with his support, my improved self-confidence, faith and a positive outlook are the benefits of hypnosis and inspiration for me in creating a new beginning in life. Thank you Ron, I really believe you ...
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