Changed my life!

Went to Ron for Hypno-Band Hypnosis. That’s the process of going through like a Gastric-Bypass, except just in your mind. It’s the less invasive method to surgery. Since I’ve been obese my whole life, I was thinking of surgery for myself, but didn’t like all the awful side-effects I was seeing my friends endure (IBS, malnutrition, intestinal issues, etc.). Since having hypno-band, I’ve become a Vegan (NEVER would have thought I could give up meat, let alone cheese!), stay away from sugar and carbs and have started a healthy exercise regime! I’m so pleased with how effortless this has all been and am ecstatic to have found this company. You won’t find a more generous team–Tamara and Ron go above and beyond for my success and they really care!

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