World Laughter Day 2013

Here we are again… Sunday, May 5th… World Laughter Day 2013!  Have you taken laughter seriously this past year?

We hear the comment everyday, “how time flies” and indeed it does.  Since World Laughter Day 2012 there has been much focus on life’s hardships and tragedies in the media, in the work place, in public places, and all around.  This turmoil, hate, division among people and class, fear, etc., that pummels us daily, keeps us in a hypnotic state of worry and anxiety.  Laughter breaks that negative state of hypnosis and “on purpose” laughter is something that can be done like taking medicine every hour on the hour… the body/mind does not know the difference between ‘fake’ and ‘real’ laughter.  The body’s chemical response and the brain’s positive chemical release to lift us up is the same as if we  laughed at a funny movie or heard a baby laugh and then the contagion begins with our laughter until our cheeks and belly hurt.

Bringing Peace Through Laughter begins with each of us on a daily basis, continually throughout the day. I challenge you to take the Laughter Pledge… starting this World Laughter Day, “I hereby make an unconditional commitment to have fun, at all times, in all places; to live with joy in my heart and contribute to World Laughter”.

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