Reiki Benefits

Western medicine has recently begun to acknowledge that humans are not only physical beings but made up of energy as well.  When there is a blockage or an imbalance in that energy an illness is created.  That illness can be as simple as an everyday cold or as complex as cancer.  Many hospitals now use Reiki in their practice of medicine.  In fact Dr. Mehmet Oz, a renowned cardiovascular surgeon and host of the very popular syndicated television show, two years ago, introduced millions of viewers to the natural healing practice of Reiki as part of a program on alternative and natural remedies.  He stated he has had Reiki practitioners in the operating room during surgery.  He understands the positive effect Reiki has on “life force energy” and how that energy dissipates during surgery, therefore, the need to charge up the patient’s energy field.  Other benefits reported have been reduction of pain and an accelerated healing response.  

Reiki works on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.  UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE ENERGY is at the essence of all living things.  When it is at an optimum level we feel creative, healthy, and vibrant.  When this life force energy is low, the results are “less than”… 

With Reiki as with hypnosis, “one session miracles” are not unheard of, however, multiple sessions are usually required.  

At Direct Path Hypnosis, Ron offers a blending of hypnosis with Reiki, aka: HypnoReiki, dissolving old traumas, blocks, negative energy, unprocessed emotions and suppressed pain.  

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