Laughter for dementia…

Time to attend Laughter Club… prevention is a great medicine!!

LAUGHTER really could be the best medicine when it comes to treating dementia.

Sufferers who were treated to amusing visits from a “humor therapist” and cared for by staff under the watchful eye of a “laughter boss” were found to be less agitated.

Four hundred people in 36 nursing homes took part in the University of NSW study.

“Humor therapist” Jean-Paul Bell adopted the guise of an elevator attendant to become a “humor valet” for half the residents, most of whom had dementia, for three months.

A staff member was also trained to be a “laughter boss”.

The remaining 200 residents did not receive any extra doses of humor.

Lead researcher Dr Lee-Fay Low said residents who received the humour therapy showed a 20 per cent reduction in aggression, wandering, screaming and repetitive behaviour. 

Staff writer From: Herald Sun September 19, 2011 12:00AM


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