1) How do I know I can be hypnotized?
Almost everyone can be hypnotized. The very few exceptions are people under the influence of drugs or alcohol and the severely mentally challenged. Such people may not be able to concentrate and follow directions. If you have ever driven on the highway and passed your exit without realizing it, you are an excellent candidate for hypnosis.
2) Will I do tricks or quack like a duck?
NO! That type of entertainment “hypnosis” is strictly designed for shows and movies. The hypnotic techniques used in our sessions are serious and designed to effectively change your habits to make a new you.
3) Will I know what is happening during the hypnosis?
Yes, you will know. You will be conscious, aware and in control at all times. But you will be in a relaxed, pleasant state of concentrated hypnosis that directly affects your subconscious and conscious minds. You will remember all t
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hat has occurred after the hypnosis and feel relaxed, refreshed and alert.
4) If I am skeptical and strong-willed, can I still be hypnotized?
Most definitely, yes. It is always better to engage with a positive attitude, but the hypnotic techniques used to help you have convinced even our most critical skeptics of their effectiveness.
5) How does the hypnosis work?
The hypnosis is designed to eliminate negative habits or reactions. This could be impulsive/compulsive eating, smoking, fears and phobias, anxiety, etc. The suggestions given during hypnosis puts in place specific positive behaviors that allow you to make the changes you want to have in your life.
6) What things do you do hypnosis for?
Most situations can benefit from hypnosis. Building self-confidence for any task; dementia related anxiety can be soothed; habits can be overcome by empowerment; changing emotions related to early life experiences. Hypnosis is YOU changing YOUR mind’s program to what you choose rather than old programming controlling your behaviors.
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